Charlie Chaplin and Carlos Gardel were good friends

Charles Chaplin (1889 – 1977) (Actor, scriptwriter and director  of English cinema. Los Angeles, 1935) eulogizing Gardel:

"I knew the great singer in Nice... in March of 1931. Finding myself in Le Palais de la Méditerranée, a mutual friend put to us in contact... He had a superior presence of  voice and figure, an enormous personal sympathy that would gain him the immediate affection of everyone. So profound was the sympathy he inspired in me, that I remember clearly that we stayed up until the first light of dawn, in a night of joy that would never repeat itself... I told Gardel he would have triumphant future and advised  him to dedicate himself to the cinema... When Gardel arrived to the United States, he came to visit me, he was my guest which gave me the opportunity again to listen to his cherished songs... Days before initiating the tour he came to bid me goodbye and we were together awhile. He already spoke correct English and told me that he was going to make a tour of Central America, the idea that I applauded. You can tell the public that with Gardel I lose one of my best friends, and they should know that the South American countries could not have a better representative among us. As far as the cinematographic art is concerned, it has lost a paramount figure that never could be replaced."

See above text in Spanish

Gardel with Chaplin in at the villa Oiseau Bleu Ciniez. Nice 1931. In the background is the actor, Cesar Romero.


Carlos Gardel with Sadie Baron Wakefield and Charles Chaplin in Nice in May 1931

In Nice, Gardel performed at Le Palais de la Méditerranée (Sp: Palacio del Mediterráneo).  Accompanying them on the left is Sadie Baron- Wakefield, who owned "Craven A" tobacco company. Gardel met Chaplin at a gala dinner celebration of Chaplin's new movie, "City Lights" hosted by Mme Wakefield. She was instrumental in financing one of Gardel's first films - Buenos Aires City Lights (Luces de Buenos Aires) - with a title very similar  to Chaplin's movie.

From a letter Gardel wrote to his mother Berthe, dated May 11, 1931

"You will be happy to know that yesterday, they introduced me to Charlie Chaplin; he is a short man, very likeable and is almost equal to "the Tramp" who only recently made us laugh at a theater on Anchorena street. He came to salute me at the hotel, I sung a few songs for him. He was very moved when they translated to him Betinotti's "Pobre mi Madre Querida" (My poor dear mother). Perhaps he realised that those verses came from the bottom of my heart, as I remebered you."

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